Lord Kaos Interview (1996)

Interview from the Australian zine Nefandus (#2), circa 1996. Lord Kaos featured Astennu of Dimmu Borgir, Carpe Tenebrum and Covenant, before he moved to Norway. Check out their amazing demo and album ASAP.

Anatomia Zine #1 (UK)

Here is a full scan of Anatomia zine #1 (late 1993) from Scotland, UK. This zine covers just as much death metal as it does black metal, but thats just the era. The Norwegian scene report section is very interesting, including the hilarious line "Hellhammer believes that Swedish or Finnish satanists may have killed Euronymous". Some great coverage of early U.K. black metal as well.  More zine scans to come soon. 

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Freezing Flames Zine #3 (1998) (Hungary)

Here is a great Hungarian zine from 1998 featuring tons of great interviews from underground and major label black metal bands from around the world. If anyone has the first two issue, let me know.

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