Dissection Interview (1997)

Here is an interview with Jon N√∂dtveidt of Dissection from 1997, right before he was sent to prison. This interview is interesting for a few reason, but mostly because it shows a window into what could have been if Dissection hadn't broken up due to Jon's imprisonment. This interview comes from issue 6 of the great German Zine "Chaos". At some point I will scan this full zine, as its full of great interviews and reviews.


Savage Garden Zine Issue #2 (ITA)(1997)

Today I bring you one of my favorite Italian zines, Savage Garden #2 (1997). I originally found out about this zine through a comment on one of our Instagram posts. I had posted a photo of Hoest from Taake in the studio with Pytten, when I got a curious comment saying "I took this photo!". It turns out that woman, Embla, had worked for Taake's label Wounded Love Records. After talking with her about her history in metal, she told me about an old zine she used to write. So today, I would like to present to you issue #2 of Savage Garden Zine. If anyone has issues 1 and 3, please let me know.

Here is a short intro to the zine that Embla wrote for us:

"It all started in our local Helvete-like record store: Sound Cave, in Milan, Italy. It was some time in 1995. Our social media were a bunch of flyers lying around the store, advertising demos and zines. I was one of the regulars, I got to know the owners (who also ran Avantgarde Music and Wounded Love Records), and discovered amazing new bands. Until one day, I felt the urge to become an active part of this fascinating and mysterious black metal scene! I teamed up with another regular customer, and Savage Garden zine was born. We picked a not so "trve and kvlt" name because we were both into gothic and dark ambient as well, and we wanted to keep our options open. We only released 3 issues, soon we were scouted by actual metal magazines, so we moved on. I was incredibly lucky to also end up working for Avantgarde and Wounded Love as their press office manager. I had the privilege of working with the likes of Mayhem, Katatonia, Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Taake... Nowadays I am a translator, and I am proud to say I have put my name on the Italian editions of Lords of Chaos, Nergal’s autobiography, and many other metal books!"