Potentiam - Bálsýn Demo (1998)

Potentiam were a black metal band from Reykjavik, Iceland, formed in 1997 by Einar "Eldur" Thorberg and Birgir "Forn" Thorgeirsson. Eldur had formerly played in notable Icelandic black metal band Thule. This recording,the Bálsýn demo, features almost all the same songs as their incredible debut album from 1999, also named Bálsýn.

A quick note for collectors.There are two versions of this demo tape. The one I am posting the audio and layout for is the original posting made by the band. The second is a semi-official bootleg version of this made in the early 2000's by Eyvindur of Currents/Andfari/Djöfladýrkun distro. It looks about the same as the original except it was numbered to 50 copies in the corner.

I urge everyone to at least listen to the track "To Know Is To Die" on the demo and album. One of my favorite Icelandic black metal songs. Also, this demo as a 5 minute intro track, so you're not into that, just skip ahead.

Here is the full demo:

Valkyrjens Fugler (1995) (FULL ZINE)

Here is a great zine written by a woman named Gro Husmo in Oslo, Norway circa 1995.

If you know wether there was a second issue published, let me know.

Bands featured include: Einherjer (NOR), Mortiis (NOR), Abyssic Hate (AUS), Zephyrous (GRE), Theatre of Tragedy (NOR), Naglfar (SWE), Thy Sinister Bloom (IRL), Bethzalda (NOR), Candle Serenade (PRT), Perished (NOR), Ancient (NOR), Solstice (UK), Satyricon (NOR), Setherial (SWE), Tumulus (GER), Tenebras Omnia Vincit (NOR), Isvind (NOR), Cruachan (IRE), Penitent (NOR), The Morendoes (NOR), Gehenna (NOR), Funeral (NOR), Demonic (AUS), Troll (NOR), Forgotten Woods (NOR), Primordial (IRL)

*Just a reminder that I am posting this zine for archival purposes.
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